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English Language Arts 10-2
English Language Arts courses are about communication. Whether you are reading a book, viewing some art, or playing a game, you are always taking in information sent to you by somebody else. Learning how to "read" words, pictures, and speech make you more capable of sending your own messages back out into the world.

In ELA 20-2, we follow a theme of self-awareness. All of the stories, poems, images, and assignments that we work with will focus on your own relationship to the text in question. More writing will take place than in the grade 10 level, but the theme of personal response will be common to all of the topics. We are interested in having you tell us your stories and how your stories fit with the stories of the rest of the world.

Join us for reading, writing, thinking, and imagining!

This page will help English 30-2 and English 30-1 Students complete their course AND prepare for their diploma exams.

A course following Science 10 and 20, in the academic route of Science, including a unit on Health, Chemistry and the Environment, Electromagnetic Energy, and Energy and the Environment

Students learn safe and sanitary food handeling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of recipies and the importance of efficient work habits.

Prerequisite: None

This is a space where certificated staff who are interested in accessing information about school-based leadership can do so. The materials gathered by attendees of The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools' Leadership Learning Initiative sessions in Calgary and Edmonton can be shared and discussed here by all who are interested.

Scott will post information and create forums for discussion around items that are made accessible through these sessions. The reason for offering them in this fashion is to allow people who don't attend the sessions (Scott, for instance, must miss the second and would love to see another person attend instead) to access the developing information about school leadership in the context of Inspiring Education.

This option is open to all certificated staff (non-certificated staff would be welcome, but may not find it to be the most useful thing they could spend time doing as it has to do with school administration). Consider this another option for PLC work if you like. It will be recognized as such and your activity in the Moodle course can attest to your work in this area.
Social 10-2 test
This is a weekly game-based learning experience designed to teach students transition into life after BSEC.
Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles of design for various media and gain a strong foundational multidisciplinary experience in preparation for other Communication Technology courses.
Students research the characteristics of effective Web page(s) and learn World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conventions and accessibility concerns to construct a simple Web page.